Arnold Palmer at the Masters

Are you searching for the latest information about the Masters tournaments winners in PGA golf? If you are looking for details about an American great professional golfer, then you have come to the right place. Arnold Palmer is probably one of the golf stars that the world will surely miss.He was nicknamed as the king of golf because he won various PGA tour tournaments.He was the first golf star to be viewed on the television in the 1950s. A guy I know at roofer Roswell Ga was his biggest fan probably growing up. He started from a humble background and rose to the ranks to become the most celebrated professional golfer of our time. This article will provide all the information about Arnold Palmer in the Masters that you need to know.

Arnold Palmer’s impact of golf was unmatched among his fellow players.He was among the first three players who helped to popularize golf in the entire world.During his golf career won more than 60 PGA tour awards.

Palmer’s career kicked off in 1955 when he participated in the Canadian open tournament, where he managed to earn over $2400. He went ahead and improved the status of the game in the subsequent occasions. Palmer was a great man of charisma who set the golf standards that most players enjoy today. In 1958, Palmer won the masters tournament , which placed him as one of the leading golfer at that time.

There are five character traits that contributed to palmers success which included; good facial appearance,his background which was modest,the way he played,his ablity to take risks and avoiding emotional interference.

He is highly credited for acquiring the status of the British open for US players.He was greatly inspired by the leading American golfers like Hogan, Bobby Jones and Sam Snead. He tried to emulate these stars in whatever he tried to achieve.

He first travelled to Scotland to participate in the US open back in 1960. It was at this time that he played his four rounds, shooting 71-69-67-69 respectively. Most of his fans were happy with him playing in the US open, though during this time he did not win. This time he lost to Kel Nagle , who was one shot ahead of him.

The most glorious moment for palmer was between 1960-1963 where he managed to win 29 PGA tournaments.Arnold Palmer is no doubt a golf legend that the world will surely miss. As the saying goes,it is the masters who made golf , but its palmers who made the masters. This article is a must- read for all golf lovers around the world.