The Masters Tournament

Welcome to our new blog about the Masters Tournament for golf! It is one of the most prestigious golf tournaments there is and a major tournament which there are only four of each year. The professional golfers on tour all want to win major tournaments and The Masters is one of the elite (if not the best) ones in the field each year. So, all of the pro golfers play during the season and aim to win each tournament that they play in, but his one called the masters in Augusta Georgia is probably the most famous golf tournament, and has the most history, outside the Open Championship in England every year.

The Masters tournament is held each year in Augusta, GA. My friend Shane at gutter cleaning Atlanta went last year and loved it! It has been since its inception 1933 where the field set out to conquer this course. The course has been modified many times with changes to the greens, tee boxes and fairways. A good bit of architects have been involved with the changes over the years to ensure that the quality of the course stays in tact. Tons of trees have been planted for a more green feel and shade along the side of the fairways as well to give it that extra added difficulty and the need to hit straighter shots.

Along the course are magnificent plants, trees and bushes with beautiful flowers and blooms each year during the tournament. Since it is always that first weekend in April that the golf tournament is held, you get to see the spectacle on TV how well the course is taken care of during the year. Augusta National Golf club is a private course so it doesn’t get played on much outside this large golf tournament called The Masters. This keeps the course in excellent condition. They have kept is private for 83 years to make sure that the course is pristine each year for this tournament.

Players on the PGA tour always look forward to the tournament at the beginning of the year and hope that they play well to be in contention for the leader board. Nothing is more exciting that walking down the fairways on the last day of the tournament which is Sunday, the 4th round of match if you are in the lead. Spectators are all there to cheer on the golfers who are playing well, and they cheer for the players that aren’t doing well also. It is heralded as the most prideful tournament in golf and people travel from all over the globe to be there and witness the beautiful course and everything it has to offer.

So, there you have it. A lot of history is held with The Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta GA. Seemingly, every player on tour wants to win this tournament and put on the green jacket after finishing play. They go down in history as the Master golfer that year when they win and get to take home a green jacket for their closet. Or, they hang it up for everyone to see I am sure once they get it home. I look forward to watching it every year, so I can imagine how the players feel when it comes around in April. One day I will make it to the Masters and watch the players live in person walk the course!