Arnold Palmer at the Masters

Are you searching for the latest information about the Masters tournaments winners in PGA golf? If you are looking for details about an American great professional golfer, then you have come to the right place. Arnold Palmer is probably one of the golf stars that the world will surely miss.He was nicknamed as the king of golf because he won various PGA tour tournaments.He was the first golf star to be viewed on the television in the 1950s. A guy I know at roofer Roswell Ga was his biggest fan probably growing up. He started from a humble background and rose to the ranks to become the most celebrated professional golfer of our time. This article will provide all the information about Arnold Palmer in the Masters that you need to know.

Arnold Palmer’s impact of golf was unmatched among his fellow players.He was among the first three players who helped to popularize golf in the entire world.During his golf career won more than 60 PGA tour awards.

Palmer’s career kicked off in 1955 when he participated in the Canadian open tournament, where he managed to earn over $2400. He went ahead and improved the status of the game in the subsequent occasions. Palmer was a great man of Continue reading

Jack Nicklaus at the Masters

Even before he was old enough to drive a car, it was evident that Jack Nicklaus (also known as The Golden Bear) was destined to become a golf legend. At the age of 13, this son of a Columbus, Ohio pharmacist broke 70 while playing 18 holes.He won the 1956 Ohio Open while only 16 and the US Amateur twice, in 1959 and 1961 – and in 1960 open, he came in second only to Arnold Palmer. In the same year, Nicklaus was part of the team which won the Eisenhower Trophy, scoring a still-standing 269 four round score.

By the close of 1961, Jack turned pro, and in 1962, he played and won in one of his first major championship-The US Open. Beating Arnold Palmer, an achievement in itself, gave Nicklaus notice by fans and in 1966, he won the Masters Tournament for two consecutive years. He won the Open Championship as well in 1966, however, failed to win another until the Open Championship title again in 1970. During the years 1971-1980, he won nine major titles and overtook Bobby Jones’s record of thirteen titles. At 46 years of age, Jack won his 18th major championship, which was also his last, at the 1986 Masters Tournament he was the oldest winner of this event. My friend over at roofing Lilburn GA remembers this event very well since his dad was at this masters!

He joined the Senior PGA Tour in 1990, where he racked up ten wins by 1996 – eight of which were major tournament wins. He made his last Senior PGA tournament appearances Continue reading

Bubba Watson at the Masters

Moving on with the masters theme of this blog, we will get to the Florida/Georgia boy Bubba Watson. Bubba is from the state of Florida but came to Georgia to attend the University of Georgia on a golf scholarship. After attending Faulkner State Community College in Alabama and tearing it up there, he then transferred to the University of Georgia to finish his last two years of playing golf in college. There he led the bulldogs to the SEC Championship in golf in 2000 and was one of the best players in the country in college during that time.

Bubba turned pro in 2003 and played on the tour for two years until 2005. It was then that he was able to join the PGA tour which is the official professional tour of the golf world. My friend who is an Atlanta Ga Mover loves watching Bubba play by the way. He had a slow start to his professional career and didn’t get a PGA victory until 2010 when he won the Travelers Championship in Connecticut. That win gave him the confidence needed to play well on the tour and start to believe he could win tournaments among the best golfers in the world.

Fast forward to 2012 and the Masters Tournament that started in April like it does every year. Bubba played decently well during the first three rounds of the tournament and was in contention afterwards. So, come Sunday, the final round, he was close Continue reading

The Masters Tournament

Welcome to our new blog about the Masters Tournament for golf! It is one of the most prestigious golf tournaments there is and a major tournament which there are only four of each year. The professional golfers on tour all want to win major tournaments and The Masters is one of the elite (if not the best) ones in the field each year. So, all of the pro golfers play during the season and aim to win each tournament that they play in, but his one called the masters in Augusta Georgia is probably the most famous golf tournament, and has the most history, outside the Open Championship in England every year.

The Masters tournament is held each year in Augusta, GA. My friend Shane at gutter cleaning Atlanta went last year and loved it! It has been since its inception 1933 where the field set out to conquer this course. The course has been modified many times with changes to the greens, tee boxes and fairways. A good bit of architects have been involved with the changes over the years to ensure that the quality of the course stays in tact. Tons of trees have been planted for a more green feel and shade along the side of the fairways as well to give it that extra added difficulty and the need to hit straighter shots.

Along the course are magnificent plants, trees and bushes with beautiful flowers and blooms each year during the tournament. Since it is always that first weekend in April Continue reading